Youth Services Center

Community Custody Program (CCP)  is a pre-adjudicated alternative to detention program offered by the Youth Services Center (YSC).

A youth in detention may be made eligible to the program by a Judicial Officer. CCP will screen a potential youth to determine if they will be accepted into the program and the appropriate level of supervision they will require. Levels of supervision are determined by taking into account both the needs of the youth and the public safety risk factors presented. Youth may be assigned anywhere from a lower level of supervision to being placed on a Global Positioning System (GPS) for higher risk youth. The program is designed to lower the detention population and maintain public safety, while creating the opportunity for the youth to continue to build positive ties to their community.

Supervision includes ensuring the youth is in compliance with conditions set forth in their Court Order. Youth are also required to have random drug tests, face to face contact with a CCP Officer in the community and come into the CCP offices to meet with staff. Assistance by a Case Manager is available for follow up with any services the youth may need to be successful to include any mental health or substance abuse assessments and educational planning. This process allows for a smooth transition to the probation department and a continuum of care once the youth completes CCP. CCP has consistently sustained an over 90% success rate with program participants which include maintaining youthful offenders in the community.

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