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Q: What items are prohibited by this ordinance?


A: A retail establishment will not provide at the point of sale a single-use plastic carryout bag or single-use polystyrene container to any customer.

“Single-use plastic carryout bag” is defined as a plastic bag provided at the check stand, cash register, point of sale, or other point of departure for the purpose of transporting food or merchandise out of the establishment.

“Single-use polystyrene container,” for purposes of this Ordinance, is defined as a disposable food service container designed for one time use and made from polystyrene foam. A disposable food service container includes service ware for take-out foods, packaged meat, bakery products, and leftovers from partially consumed meals prepared by food vendors. If eggs or packaged meats are packaged in a polystyrene container prior to the point of sale, they will not be prohibited. Polystyrene foam is blown polystyrene and expanded or extruded foams using a styrene monomer.

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