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County Commission Approves Agreement on Santolina Development Master Plan

The Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners has approved the latest development plan for the proposed Santolina community project in southwest Bernalillo County.

The Level B.I Master Plan provides a more specific framework for the development of 4,243 acres within the Santolina property. The 4,243 acres make up about one-third of the entire property.

This phase of the plan includes up to 9,400 households, residential/commercial uses in village centers, a business park, industrial park, open space and recreation facilities, and other public facilities.

“No one should expect building to begin any time soon as more plans are necessary along with restaurants and shops and employers with jobs,” says County Commission Chair Steven Michael Quezada. “We don’t just want another housing development, we want a true community that offers quality of life.”

Level A of the Santolina Master Plan was approved on June 16th 2015 and the Level A Development Agreement was approved August 10th 2015. The Level B.1 Master Plan was approved August 30th 2017.

The Level B.I development agreement was approved by the commission last night on a 3 to 2 vote with Commissioners Debbie O’Malley and Maggie Hart Stebbins voting against.

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