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MDC Acquires New Fogger to Help Tackle the Spread of COVID Cases in Jail


The Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) is now using new fogger equipment to disinfect large areas of the jail to protect staff and inmates from the coronavirus (COVID-19).

“We understand that safety of the inmates we are entrusted to care for along with the staff and families that they go home to are the most important mission,” says MDC Chief Greg Richardson. “And as we navigate through this pandemic, we are committed to keeping a pulse on the situation and looking for new and improved ways to keep our inmates and staff safe.”

The Metropolitan Detention Center recently purchased and is now using a fogger known as an electrostatic spraying system or ESS, equipped with a hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant designed for coverage of large areas.

This system enables the staff to disinfect living area pods, cells and common areas with more efficiency and speed.

MDC is also planning to ramp up more testing of staff and contractors entering the facility alongside the current testing in place that includes temperature and oxygen saturation checks upon entry to the facility.

When the COVID pandemic began last spring, MDC implemented Centers for Disease Control and Prevention best practice protocols to help manage the pandemic inside the jail.

MDC is also partnering with surrounding counties and states in order to share best practices. The jail is looking into testing that will provide a more rapid and accurate result in order to quickly identify positive cases at points of entry into the facility.

Current statistics:

Year to date percentage staff tested negative:


Year to date percentage staff tested positive:


Year to date staff positive cases:


Year to date staff testing:


Active positive staff cases:




Year to date inmates tested:


Year to date inmates pending results:


Year to date inmates tested negative:


Year to date inmates tested positive:


Active positive inmate cases:










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