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New Mexico Reception and Assessment Center

The New Mexico Reception and Assessment Center is under review for becoming a promising practice.

NM Reception and Assessment Center Policy Manual 2006

For more information see the JDAIconnect’s Alternatives to Detention Fundamentals Best Practice Training.

Juvenile Community Custody Program

The Community Custody Program is a replicable, best practice model for the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative under the auspices of the Annie Casey JDAI model. Data supports its successful work with mid to high level offenders in the community.

Detention Reform Strategies
Consider the Alternatives - Planning and Implementing Detention Alternatives

La Plazita Youth Reporting Center – An EBP+ Program

La Plazita Institute in Albuquerque’s South Valley is part of a larger collaborative of organizations across the country that are developing a new best practice model called EBP+.

The EBP+ Model: Liberating Youth, Families and Community from the Justice System

"Many community-based organizations across the country have been marginalized and frustrated by efforts to adopt evidence-based practices within the youth justice system. This is particularly true of organizations that are led by and serve communities of color—the communities most impacted by mass incarceration... We have developed a theory and a model that we are testing using multiple research methodologies. This model has intentionally been developed for youth of color with serious and violent charges so that this approach can be a used as a credible model around providing alternatives to incarceration for populations most often excluded from community supports." - Ceres Policy Research Center Press Release

The Bernalillo County Youth Services Center funds the La Plazita Youth Reporting Center. We look forward to upcoming policy briefs on this work and the development of a more racially just and culturally rooted service delivery model.

The EBP+ Collaborative participates in the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative National Intersite Conference. New data reported which supports the EBP+ practice model for juvenile justice serious offenders.

Learn more about the EBP+ Collaborative

Latino Young Men and Boys: Overcoming Disparity

The book profiles a collection of culturally-based best practice strategies and models (rooted in the La Cultura Cura Framework) focused on:

  • Individual and community healing
  • Community-wide restorative justice models
  • Inter-generational leadership development and civic engagement
  • Comprehensive community development aimed at improving life chances for Latino boys and young men of indigenous descent

The publications focus on the work of select communities, including noted field experts and leading non-profits such as National Compadres Network, Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice, La Plazita Institute, and Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos. The book shares strategies, tools and resources used to effectively deal with the challenges boys of color face because of poverty, injustice, and discrimination. (To Be Released September 2016)

Latino Young Men and Boys: Overcoming Disparity

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