Bernalillo County operates on a biennial budget cycle that begins in July of every odd fiscal year.

In that fiscal year, the county publishes its Biennial Budget Book.

Prior to each biennium, the Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners (BCC) approves and adopts the first fiscal year’s budget. They also approve the second fiscal year’s budget as a plan. By the middle of the first year, the second year is updated and requires commission approval before formal adoption.

In September of the first quarter of each fiscal year, the commission approves and adopts adjustments to the base budget that was approved in April. These “September” adjustments are incorporated into the current fiscal year’s budget.

This “Budget in Brief” document is a condensed version of the current year’s budget as originally presented in the Biennial Budget Book with “September” adjustments, and also highlights the county’s organizational structure and fiscal plans. Additionally, it consists of summarized data that can be used as a quick reference guide.

More detailed information is available in the county’s biennial budget reports for the original budgets before any adjustment.

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