CJCC Releases Report Analyzing How Our Community Can Better Serve Individuals with Mental Illnesses with Criminal Justice Involvement

3:07 PM

Bernalillo County, through its participation in the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, produced a detailed report titled “Analysis of Bernalillo County’s System for Serving People with Mental Illnesses and Criminal Justice Involvement.”

The report represents a continuation of this community’s commitment as memorialized in the 2015 Stepping Up Resolution.

You can read the "Analysis of Bernalillo County’s System for Serving People with Mental Illnesses and Criminal Justice Involvement” report here.

In early 2018, the county, in partnership with the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC), convened the “Diversion & Reentry Subcommittee” under the CJCC, setting a broad and diverse table for representatives from both criminal justice and behavioral health/service provider networks to engage and coordinate side-by-side.

More than thirty nine agencies and organizations participated over the spring and summer of 2019. Subject matter experts contributing to this report include individuals across state and local government, social services agencies, community-based providers, educational/vocational programs, criminal justice stakeholders, etc.

The report details a set of broad recommendations, derived from participating experts on the subcommittee. Participants prioritized those recommendations thought to be the most impactful in improving systems as a whole and specifically addressing the needs of the target population. The committee now moves ahead by forming a set of work groups that will focus efforts on achieving measurable progress on the leading recommendations in this report.

In November 2019, the larger CJCC doubled-down on this approach by adopting its first strategic plan, which includes objectives mirroring both what is in this report and the original 2015 County resolution.

This report was made possible, in part, due to Bernalillo County’s involvement in the 2018-20 cohort of Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Program (JMHCP) awardees, administered by the federal Bureau of Justice Assistance and with assistance from the Council of State Governments Justice Center. Also, critical facilitation and synthesis of information was provided by the UNM Echo Institute.

A special thanks to all who’ve contributed countless hours and tireless attention to this important work and the development of this report.


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