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Q: Who will live in the Village and what are the criteria for becoming a resident?

2:30 PM

Villagers will have to apply to live in the Tiny Home Village and agree to follow the rules. There will be no discrimination against veterans, couples co-habitating regardless of marital status, same-sex couples, transgendered people, documentation, ethnicity, religious and/or political affiliation, gender, or sexual orientation. At this time, only dogs will be allowed as pets. The Village will not accommodate minors.

All villagers will be living at or below the 30% of Area Median Income (AMI) level and will agree to pay no more than 30% of their income or a flat rate of $30 towards village maintenance. Villagers will, however, be able to take residence with no income at hand. All villagers will be required to work with a peer-specialist, case manager, and/or occupational therapist to formulate and follow a personal strengths-based plan. All villagers will participate in a 28-day trial residency period. The village is a self-governing model with oversight and support from the Albuquerque Indian Center, community stakeholders, providers and surrounding residents, with residents empowered to handle everyday resident and village needs. Click here to see the village organizational structure.

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