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County Commission Approves Development Funding for Mid-North Valley Agro-Recreation Complex


The Bernalillo County Commission approved $1.5 million for the planning and development for the Mid-North Valley Agro-Recreation Complex commonly known as Sandia Ranch.

The money will fund site-work, infrastructure to include parking, landscaping, park amenities, roadways, trails, water and sewer systems, and arena areas.

Several public meetings regarding the roughly 17-acres of developable land have been held in the past year, and the county will continue to take public input and host additional community meetings.

The Albuquerque Sign Language Academy has shown interest in 4 acres of land, but the county has made no determinations and no sale is pending. Should a sale move forward, the land would be sold at current market value and would require County Commission approval. In addition, any development on the land would require zoning approval through a public hearing.

A future phase of development at the Mid-North Valley Agro-Recreation Complex will involve potential buildings with offices and meeting space for the Bernalillo County Extension Service, Grow the Growers program and other agricultural collaborators of the county.

The financial resolution was approved on a 5 – 0 vote.

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