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Human Resources

BernCo Honors Employees of the Quarter


On Aug. 22, 2017, the Employee Recognition Committee presented seven employees for the Employee of the Quarter Award. Each person selected for this prestigious honor received a nomination in addition to the highest ranking in their division to receive this award.

The Board of County Commissioners recognize and appreciate the hard work and dedication of the seven employees who have shown exemplary dedication to Bernalillo County.


Division 1 (County Manager) – Yvonne Gonzales

Yvonne is a dedicated County employee whose first priority is the offering and deliverance of training to County employees for their professional development and success.”

Yvonne joined the County’s Human Resources Department in November 2013, where she is currently a Human Resources Training Specialist. She conducts training classes, designs on-line classes and manages special projects, such as the Learning Management System dubbed MyBLC. After coordinating with all departments for over a year, she was able to introduce and implement MyBLC in November 2015. This system serves all County employees and allows them easy access to receive required and elective training, while providing a cost savings of more than $150k since its inception.

Yvonne comes from a large family in San Rafael, New Mexico (which is near Grants). When she isn’t working hard for the county, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends biking, attending local events and reading.

Division 2 (Community Services) – Lynette Lopez

Lynette brings a positive attitude when others are down, does not take office politics personally, and is always ready for a new challenge.”

Lynette began her career with Bernalillo County in 2011 in the Environmental Health Department. She has experienced a variety of reorganizations, through which she mastered many of the County’s administrative systems. She is currently working for the Office of Health & Social Services as an Administrative Officer II. Her responsibilities include budget, finance, grants and procurement as well as Human Resources. She really enjoys the work she does, the people she works with, and serving the citizens of Bernalillo County.

Lynette loves to spend her free time with her two kids and is very involved in her daughters’ sports activities. She also loves to cook and spend time outdoors.

Division 3 (Finance) – Denise Benavidez

Denise is a true professional who respects her peers and is always looking out for the County.

Denise started her career with Bernalillo County 15 years ago in the Housing Department, where she worked for 5 ½ years. From there, she joined the Treasurer’s Office for 5 ½ years. She currently works as the Senior Financial Accountant for the Finance Division, and is responsible for ensuring the County’s debt financings are in compliance with IRS regulations and State statutes.

Outside of work, she has humbly served on the Fraternal Order of Police’s National Peace Officers Memorial Committee since 2012, playing an integral part in the complex preparations for the National Memorial Service, in Washington DC, that honors all fallen peace officers across the nation.

Denise has been married for 23 years to her husband Michael, and is the proud mother of two adult children, Issac and Brittney. In her spare time she enjoys camping and spending time with family and friends.

Division 4 (Public Safety) – Phil Selberg

Engineer Selberg is a stellar employee who takes great pride in his representation of the County.

Phil started his career with the County in 2005. He has been a firefighter EMT for 12 years, and an engineer for the past 3 years. He is responsible for driving and operating the engine in emergencies, and is responsible for the equipment of the apparatus. His commitment to excellence is evident in his continued self-improvement and dedication to mentoring to less experienced firefighters.

Phil has been married to his wife Dawn for the last 12 years. They have a five-year-old son Riley, who keeps them very busy. When not playing “superheroes”, he enjoys woodworking, riding his mountain bike and playing guitar.

Division 5 (Public Works) – Julie Luna

Julie brings enormous recognition for excellence from around the Albuquerque region as a transportation planner in the area of pedestrian and bicycle facility safety.

Julie has worked as a Transportation Planner at Bernalillo County for over a year. Her work involves developing and updating transportation related plans, and reviewing new developments for traffic impacts. Her favorite project since April is updating the County’s Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan. She enjoys getting to meet different people and to see many streets and neighborhoods in the unincorporated area of the County, while measuring sidewalks, trails and ramps to see if they meet disability access criteria.

She considerers herself extremely fortunate to be able to work in transportation because it is her favorite topic. She is very interested in how safety and mobility options can provide improved community health and well-being as well as how data plays an important role in understanding transportation challenges.

Outside of work, Julie loves to ride her bicycle.

Division 6 (General Services) – Annie Baca

Annie is a team-player who is always willing to share her knowledge and striving to provide great customer service.

Annie joined the County 22 years ago, working in the County Clerk’s Office for 4 years, and in the Purchasing Department for the past 18 years. She is currently the Purchasing Administrator, with the huge responsibility of procuring goods and services for the Public Works Division which include Fleet Facilities Management Department, Infrastructure Planning and Geo Resources, Operations & Maintenance, Technical Services and Roadways.

Annie has been married to her husband Eddie for 20 years. They have three beautiful daughters and they enjoy watching their kids compete in sports. Annie also enjoy spending the summers at the lake and camping with family and friends.

Division 7 (MDC) – Rita Felter

Officer Felter’s attention to detail and diligence during an inmate’s medical emergency which resulted in saving the life of the inmate.

Rita has been an employee with the Metropolitan Detention Center for 14 years. She has been selected for several Specialty Posts at MDC. She completes all training required by the department with high standards, and strives to be a mentor to her peers. She is thankful to the County for giving her the opportunity to do the things she does these past 14 years. Outside of work, she also enjoys working with the youth and being a positive mentor to the community.

Rita was born and raised in Santa Fe. She enjoys hula dancing, traveling, and outdoor activities with her family such as hiking, golfing, and water sports. She especially enjoys quality time with her grandchildren, family, and friends.

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