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BernCo Board Honors Employees of the Quarter


On January 23, 2018, Certificates of Recognition were awarded to Employees of the Quarter (2nd Quarter FY 2018) and presented by County Manager Julie Morgas Baca.

The Employee Recognition Committee presented seven employees to the Board of Commissioners to receive the recognition of Employee of the Quarter.

Each person selected received the highest ranking in their division.

The recognition committee ranked each nomination form submitted and selected the employee from each division with the highest average.

The Board of County Commissioners recognize and appreciate the hard work and dedication of seven employees who have shown exemplary dedication to Bernalillo County.

Division 1 County Manager: Dan Beaman Special Projects Coordinator Economic Development

Division 2 Community Services: Tiffany Chamblee Communication Services Coordinator Communication Services

Division 3 Finance: Davetta Torrez Administrative Office II Information Technology

Division 4 Public Safety: Leora Perez Administrative Assistant Fire and Rescue

Division 5 Public Works: Richard Meadows Transportation Planning Manager Public Works

Division 6 General Services: Lisa Smoots Administrative Officer I Risk Management

Division 7 MDC: John Smith Corrections Officer MDC


Read the full profiles of these exemplary employees below:


Division 1 (County Manager) – Daniel Beaman

“Daniel is a consummate professional with varied and specialized skills that enable him to perform his work in a proficient manner with successful outcomes. Dan is a team player and has the respect and friendship of his colleagues within the county as well as in external organizations.”

Dan's background features directing municipal and county community development departments. He also administered Economic Development, Capital Improvement, and Transportation Planning functions within state regional planning organizations. He joined the county in 2002 as the permitting manager with the Planning & Development Services Department. He’s been with the Economic Development Department as a special projects coordinator for the past five years, where he coordinates the vetting and moving of Economic Development projects through the county’s review process. He also assists potential and existing businesses in navigating through local government permitting and compliance issues—often as liaison between them and the appropriate jurisdiction—to facilitate a quality development process.

Dan is a UNM graduate and Air Force veteran. He enjoys all-things-sports, but especially football and his favorite team, the Kansas City Chiefs. He and his wife, Rosemary, are proud parents of a son, Daniel Jr., and daughter, Angela.

Division 2 (Community Services) – Tiffany Chamblee

“Tiffany has very broad knowledge of Bernalillo County and she is often referred to as the “Alexa” or “Encyclopedia” of the County.”

Tiffany joined the county as a risk management technician nearly six years ago. Since then she has worn many hats while providing support to various areas such as the former Office of Project Management and the Parks and Recreation Department. Three years ago, she joined the Communications Services Department as the Communication Services coordinator. In her current position, she manages all business functions of the department, and so much more.

Tiffany relishes “other duties as assigned.” When additional resources are needed, she steps up and volunteers to handle a wide spectrum of projects – from posting time-sensitive content on the website, to using extraordinary creativity to design and make special ribbons for events such as the recent public safety memorials.

Tiffany is married to Bernalillo County firefighter Bennie Torres, and is the mother of three. When not at work, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, or cruising the interstate on her motorcycle. She especially LOVES to entertain. As the proverbial “hostess with the mostess” she frequently organizes gatherings and special parties, always striving to make others feel appreciated and loved.

Division 3 (Finance) – Davetta Torrez

“Davetta is always ready and excited to take on new challenges, and make herself available to help others… and always partnered with her witty sense of humor!”

After working for Cardinal Health as a reporting analyst for 17 years, in April 2016, Davetta commenced her career with the county as an Administrative Officer II in the Information Technology Department where she provides administrative support to the entire department. Her extensive knowledge of office management and ability to learn new applications and processes have been invaluable. She enjoys her job and seeing what goes on behind the scenes of the applications used on a daily basis. It is her goal to complete her career with Bernalillo County.

When not at work, you can find Davetta spending time with family and friends. She’s been married for 23 years, and has two adult children: a 27-year-old daughter, and 23-year-old son. She looks forward to camping at the San Juan River, the Jemez, Chilili, and other such places. When relaxing at home, she enjoys watching movies—scary, funny, action-packed—you name it, she likes it! She would love to do more traveling, and hopes her next adventure will enable her to cross two items from her bucket list: an Alaskan cruise and whale watching.


Division 4 (Public Safety) – Leora Perez

“Leora is the backbone of fire headquarters… She is eager to do tasks, take on new challenges, and plan & organize events as they come up.”

Leora started her career with Bernalillo County in February 2007 as an administrative officer at the Assessor’s Office. She joined the Fire & Rescue Department in November 2011 where she is now an administrative officer III, directly supporting the Fire Chief as well as the department as a whole. She LOVES her job, and the great people with whom she works.

Leora is a lifelong resident of New Mexico. She and her husband of 9 years, Gary, share four children. The family is filled with dedicated public servants working in county government, with Gary working for Santa Fe County, and their two daughters and a daughter-in-law working for Bernalillo County. They love traveling (35 trips around the U.S. in 9 years), attending concerts (60 so far), and spending time with family and friends. She’s a Lobo, and Gary’s an Aggie, so they really have fun watching their teams compete!


Division 5 (Public Works) – Richard Meadows

“Richard has performed above and beyond his assigned duties by taking on additional time-consuming projects… Through it all he showed calm and professional leadership and did so without complaint.”

Richard has been with Bernalillo County Public Works in the Transportation Section for the past 9 years. Major accomplishments include starting South Valley Mainstreet (2014) and adoption of the Bridge Boulevard Corridor Redevelopment Plan (2013) and Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Action Plan (2012). He has 30 years of experience as a community planner in both the public and private sectors in the areas of land use, housing, and transportation.

Richard grew up in Las Cruces and attended graduate school at the University of Arizona in Tucson. He and husband Lin have been in Albuquerque for nearly 25 years. When not working, they enjoy spending time with their three rescue dogs Rosie, Jamba and Chloe; hiking; gardening; and travelling. Over the last few years, they have travelled extensively in Mexico to such places as Guanajuato, Mexico City, and Oaxaca.



Division 6 (General Services) – Lisa Smoots

“Lisa is a behind-the-scenes kind of person, who does not require recognition for her work. She accepts responsibilities and always performs above and beyond what is expected.”

Lisa joined the County’s Risk Management Department 16 years ago, where she is currently an administrative officer I. Since then she has acquired a wide range of technical skills and an understanding of operational needs and challenges, which enable her to assist in all areas of Risk Management, and she continues to seek opportunities for self-development. She is passionate about creating relationships with departments and delivering excellent customer service and solutions that make a difference in the county.

Lisa was born in Las Cruces, raised in Los Angeles, and moved to Albuquerque as a teenager, where she has been for 37 years. She is the proud mother of an adult son, and enjoys his weekly dinner visits which consist of “Mom’s Red Enchiladas.” In her spare time, she watches or attends all types of sporting events, but especially enjoys college or NBA basketball (Go Lakers!). She comes by her passion for sports honestly, being the only girl in a family of 5 brothers! She also loves travelling to L.A. every summer to visit childhood friends from kindergarten, with whom she has been reacquainted thanks to the internet and Facebook.

Division 7 (MDC) – John Smith

“Officer Smith’s attentiveness and immediate lifesaving efforts helped ensure the survival of an inmate.”

John began his career in corrections in 2007 at the New Mexico Department of Corrections as a corrections officer in Los Lunas. In 2011, he joined the county at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) as a Corrections Officer. His primary duties center around maintaining the safety and protection of MDC inmates and staff. He is ever mindful of maintaining work ethics, to include being dependable, reliable and performing consistently. John’s beliefs include: do to others as you would want others to do to you; always take note of an opinion; it is better to listen than to blast; criticism toward one can be constructive; not every day is a good day, but the next day can be better. Keeping these work ethics in mind have helped him in his duty to preserve safety and protect life for MDC inmates and staff.

John has a creative hobby of developing and performing electronic digital music (EDM). As a mobile DJ, he performs for weddings, quinceaneras, company functions and personal celebrations. He is currently working on a DJ resident title in the cities of Las Vegas NV, Phoenix and Denver.

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