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Human Resources

BernCo Board Honors Employees of the Quarter


The Board of County Commissioners recognize and appreciate the hard work and dedication of six employees who have shown exemplary dedication to Bernalillo County.

They are: Elouise Zamora with the Human Resources Department, Tracy Dingmann with the Communication Services Department, Victor Martinez with Accounting and Budget, Nicholas Huffmyer with the Sheriff’s Department, Chris Castillo with Facilities and Fleet Management, and Danielle Vaquera with the General Services Department.





Division 1 (County Manager) -- Elouise Zamora

“Elouise is such a pleasure to work with and is always laughing.  She handles pressure well and stays as long as it takes to make sure that all employees have their paychecks on time.”

Elouise began her career with Bernalillo County in 1994 as a Clerk Typist in the Public Works Division.  After 12 years, she joined the Budget Office in the Finance Division, and for the last 8 years she has been with the Payroll Office currently in the Human Resources Department.   

Elouise has an “amazing, loving and compassionate” husband of 27 years, Oliver.  And they have four large dogs:  an Akita named ‘Kobe,’ a bull mastiff named ‘Zeba’, and two German Shepherds named ‘Loki’ and ‘Hades’. 

When not at work, she enjoys going to the lake with family and friends, walking her dogs, or taking a bike ride along the Bosque.  And, she really enjoys the festivities of Halloween, her favorite holiday!  She would like to have a doggie daycare… Perhaps in the near future.



Division 2 (Community Services) -- Tracy Dingmann

“Tracy Dingmann demonstrates a high work ethic and works long hours to keep the website up to date, to include the posting of breaking County news.  She just feels that it is part of the job and does whatever it takes to make it happen.”  

Tracy has been with Bernalillo County’s Communication Services Department for nearly four years.  As Website Administrator, she supervises the Bernco.gov web team as well as the county’s social media applications of Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram and Twitter.  Before coming to Bernalillo County, she was a reporter and columnist for local and national news outlets.

Tracy is an intense animal-lover and avid news-follower who enjoys problem-solving both at work and at home.  She is originally from Wisconsin and remains a rabid fan of her alma mater, the University of Wisconsin Badgers, and also of the Green Bay Packers.

She came to New Mexico 27 years ago for a reporting job at the Albuquerque Journal.  She is married to David and has two teen-age sons, Gabriel, 19 and Aidan, 17.

Division 3 (Finance) -- Victor Martinez

“Victor Martinez has been a great asset to the county through his excellent customer service and dedication to his duties.  He never seems to say no when increased demands are placed on him.”

Victor has been employed with Bernalillo County for nearly 10 years in the Fixed Assets Section.   He enjoys the group with whom he works and takes pride in all the accomplishments his team has made.  He is looking forward to continuing his career with Bernalillo County and collaborating with his coworkers in the coming years.

When not at work, he enjoys playing basketball with his two sons, or attending their basketball games.  In his spare time, he enjoys creating clay sculptures and glass fusing. 




Division 4 (Public Safety) – Sergeant Nick Huffmyer

“The effort, dedication and attention to detail demonstrated by Sergeant Nick Huffmyer cannot be overstated.”

Nick Huffmyer was hired by the County as a Sheriff’s Deputy with the Sheriff’s Department in February 2008, and has since been promoted to Sergeant.  As a Deputy, he served in the following units:  Field services division; Street crimes; Narcotics; Emergency response team; Field Training Officer; Special Weapons and Tactics; GRIP (gang intel unit).  As a Sergeant, he has served in the following units:  Sergeant Field Services Division; Advanced Training Sergeant @ the BCSO Regional Training Academy.

Sgt. Huffmyer holds numerous instructor certifications such as firearms, use of force, active shooter, and taser.  Notable projects in 2016 include the implementation of the first ever BCSO Leadership Academy, and the construction of a large scale advanced training facility at the west side shooting range.

When he isn’t working he cherishes his time with wife Sara and son Kane, and enjoys working out at the gym.


Division 5 (Public Works) -- Chris Castillo

“Chris Castillo demonstrates enthusiasm, critical thinking, knowledge and commitment to our organization.  I know that I can always count on him to tackle any assignment with confidence and motivation.”

Chris has been employed with Bernalillo County since 2007. He started in the County Clerk’s office working in the Bureau of Elections as a Voting Machine Technician. In 2011 Chris transferred to the Facilities Department and currently works as a Building Maintenance Technician.  He has also served as a representative member of the Facilities Safety Committee since 2014.

Chris has been married to his wife Jackie for four years and they are raising a very spoiled Shih Tzu named ‘Smallz’.  In his free time, he can be found at home watching baseball or football, rooting for Boston Redox and Atlanta Falcons.  Or, he may be in his garage working with wood, crafting unique furniture, cabinets, children’s toys and extraordinary cutting boards.    


Division 6 (General Services) -- Danielle Vaquera

“Danielle Vaquera has a passion for helping people.  Her work ethic goes beyond expectations and she has a heart of gold.”

Danielle began her journey with the county nearly four years ago in the Purchasing Department where she was fortunate to learn about one of the most fulfilling positions within the county.  Currently, as the Unclaimed and Indigent Cremation Program Coordinator, she is that extended ‘helping hand’ in one of the most vulnerable times of need, putting ethics and morals first, striving to treat everyone with the dignity and respect all humanity deserves.

When she is not dedicated to the family members within the community of Bernalillo County, Danielle is at home enjoying the true lights of her life--her family. Danielle enjoys most being with her wife Elizabeth Vaquera, their 9-year-old Victoria, and 3-year-old Adelina, with whom life is always exciting! She enjoys brain games/puzzles, music, dancing and finding what makes her simply ‘happy’ in life. She believes with a busy world around, it’s always important to “stop and smell the roses.” 

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