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Cañon de Carnué Land Grant's 200th Anniversary Celebrated by BernCo Commissioners


On Nov. 12 the Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners applauded and recognized the 200-year celebration of the re-settlement of the Cañon de Carnué Land Grant in the year 1819. They wished its success in the preservation of the Land Grant’s rich history and culture that enriches the unique history of Bernalillo County.

The Cañon de Carnué Land Grant - one of several community land grants in Bernalillo County that is organized and recognized by the state of New Mexico as a community land grant - was established in 1763 as a protective Genizaro settlement and later abandoned due to raid by nomadic tribes and reestablished as a community land grant in 1819. It served as a strategic defense settlement protecting the historic grazing lands and settlement of the Middle Rio Grande Valley.

The Cañon de Carnué Land Grant established the settlements of San Miguel de Carnue and the San Antonio de Padua in 1819 and are the oldest continuously inhabited settlements in the East Mountains of Bernalillo County.

The Cañon de Carnué Land Grant preserves and promotes the cultural traditions of Bernalillo County and the State of New Mexico through the ritual dance performance of Los Matachines and Los Comanchitos.

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