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BernCo Board Honors Selfless Seniors of Albuquerque Public Schools


Seniors of the Albuquerque Public Schools who have dedicated themselves to community service, kindness and inspiring their peers are recognized each year for the positive difference they create in the community.

These students are known as Selfless Seniors.

Their service to the community includes invaluable time and energy, from aiding patients at the Carrie Tingley Hospital, to public education on human trafficking. The Selfless Seniors are also recognized for the difference they make in the community without the expectation or need for recognition.

For the 2020 Selfless Seniors of the Albuquerque Public Schools, these students are:

  • Mercedes Mummert, Albuquerque High School
  • Daniel Benitez de Luna, Atrisco Heritage Academy High School
  • Melina Moreno, Cibola High School
  • Juan Murguia, Del Norte High School
  • Mia Jae Tafoya, Eldorado High School
  • Ebuela Shindano, Highland High School
  • Haley Hughes, La Cueva High School
  • Kate Anderson, Manzano High School
  • Patricia Sotelo Chavira, Rio Grande High School
  • Aleksia Minetos, Sandia High School
  • Esperanza Biggs, Valley High School
  • Zachary Josh Khieu, Volcano Vista High School
  • Juan Clark, West Mesa High School
  • Isabella Reitz, College & Career High School

Their service represents the philanthropic spirit of the student body of the Albuquerque Public Schools and encourages every citizen to follow their example of community service. We thank them for their dedication to the community of Bernalillo County.




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