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Tiny Home Village Breaks Ground in More Ways Than One


Bernalillo County along with partners, supporters and the community broke ground on the Tiny Home Village project, adjacently located to the Albuquerque Indian Center, 105 Texas St. SE.

The Tiny Home Village will consist of 30 individual 120 sq. ft. homes and a centrally located common building that includes the kitchen, dining, living area and bathrooms. Each tiny home will have a bed, desk and storage space as well as electricity. The benefit of the shared common areas is that it helps to foster socialization and reconnection to others.

“More than just words, this project put into action the importance of home,” states County Commissioner Debbie O’Malley. “Most people already have a village around them, my village is my family and we support each other in different ways every day. This village will give that support to its residents and we ask the community to support us and to keep the faith with this project.”

The Tiny Home Village transitional housing project creates a shared-living environment in which residents who have been experiencing homelessness enter the village to begin living again in a home of their own within a safe and secure community.

“This project is the first of its kind in the city and will provide a haven for the residents who will be living in it,” states County Commissioner James M. Collie. “The village is one approach to addressing homelessness.”

“When no one else wanted the tiny homes in their backyard, we at the Albuquerque Indian Center wanted them to be a part of ours,” says Albuquerque Indian Center Executive Director Mary Garcia. “We are honored to be involved with this project.”

Funding breakdown of the Tiny Home Village project:

  • $2 million general obligation bond voters approved in 2016
  • $750,000 general obligation bond voters approved in 2018
  • $595,000 capital outlay from the state for site improvements, including perimeter fencing, to the Tiny Home Village site
  • $207,816 environmental services gross receipts tax funding for utilities infrastructure
  • $75,000 from the City of Albuquerque for planning of the village
  • $750,000 from Behavioral Health gross receipts tax

Construction for the Tiny Home Village is expected to be completed by October 2020. The structures will be built to last a minimum of 15 years with a life expectancy of 30+ years.

The resident application policy is in the final stages of development. BernCo is working with providers about the policy and will have it finalized by the beginning of July.

Financial donations only are being accepted to support the basic needs of the village and its residents. The online monetary donations will go toward the purchase of personal hygiene, daily household, and pantry food items, and even buses passes for the residents. Donations of all amounts are welcome and will be applied and/or combined for maximum benefit for the village residents, as needed. To make a donation, visit the New Mexico Foundation at www.nmcf.org.

More info at www.BernCo.gov/TinyHomeVillage.

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