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BernCo Commission Recognizes September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month


At its Sept. 10 administrative meeting, the Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners proclaimed September 2019 as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in Bernalillo County and encouraged all citizens to join in reaffirming the nation’s commitment to fighting childhood cancer.

Every September, America renews its commitment to curing childhood cancer and offers its support to the brave young people who are fighting this disease. Thousands of children are diagnosed with pediatric cancer each year, including nearly 100 are from New Mexico. Within the past three years 196 children from Bernalillo County have been treated for childhood cancer.

Childhood cancer remains the leading cause of death by disease for American children under 15 years of age, and 16 children from Bernalillo County have died during the past three years as a result of these diseases.

For those children and their families, and in memory of every young person lost to cancer, we unite behind improved treatment, advanced research, and brighter futures for young people everywhere.

Over the past few decades, great strides have been made in the fight against pediatric cancer and due to significant advances in treatment over the last 30 years the combined five-year survival rate for children with cancer has increased by more than 20 percentage points.

Today, a substantial proportion of children diagnosed with cancer can anticipate a time when their illness will be in long-term remission or cured altogether. All children deserve the chance to dream, discover, and realize their full potential.

This month we extend our support to young people fighting for that opportunity, and we recognize all who commit themselves to advancing the journey toward a cancer-free world.

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