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Behavioral Health Services

The Public Inebriate Intervention Program was developed and implemented in Fiscal Year 2013.

The Department of Behavioral Health Services collaborated with the University of New Mexico Health Services and the Albuquerque Police Department to implement a pilot program known as the Public Inebriate Intervention Program to relieve congestion in the University of New Mexico Hospital’s Emergency Room and Psychiatric Emergency Services.

Its intent was to reduce the number of bookings at the Metropolitan Detention Center  by providing stabilization, observation and placement support services at the CARE campus to public inebriates. program provides clients to be housed in a safe place while struggling with an addiction and are provided with a sack meal.

The Public Inebriate Intervention Program clients can stay for services no longer than 24 hours unless they choose to participate in the CARE Detox Program. 



Public Inebriate Inebriate Intervention Program (PIIP)

DBHS collaborates with the University of New Mexico Health Services (UNMHS) and the Albuquerque Police Department (APD) to execute the Pubic Inebriate Intervention Program (PIIP) to relieve congestion in UNMH’s Emergency Room and Psychiatric Emergency Services.

Department Of Behavioral Health Services
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  • At each outreach event, a short training on safe disposal methods, how to recognize where public injection occurs, and safety issues are reviewed with participants who volunteer to assist with needle pickup. Naloxone kits are also available during outreach and information on available syringe exchange services are provided to community members. For more information, contact Mark Clark, Public Health Specialist at mclark@bernco.gov.
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