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Behavioral Health Services

The Detox Program provides a short-term social model program that is designed to address the alcohol and alcohol abuse problem in Bernalillo County. Through this, the program provides a safe environment to individuals who require detoxification services, non-medical interventions and referrals. It also serves those individuals who would otherwise be transported by law enforcements or emergency medical services to jail or to one of the local emergency rooms.

Medical services are available to clients through a collaborative effort with the University of New Mexico Hospital and other local hospitals. The program currently manages a forty-eight (48) bed capacity (32 male and 16 female).

Program services are offered to public inebriates for the purpose of withdrawing from alcohol and/or other drugs.

Staff provides observation, intervention, safety and educational services on the disease of addiction to all clients entering the program. staff also provides screening, brief assessment, referral, AccuDetox, substance abuse psycho-education groups, recovery planning, treatment planning and discharge planning/follow up (when appropriate). 


Detox Program

DBHS provides a short term social model detox program that is designed to address the alcohol abuse problem in Bernalillo County. The program provides a safe environment to individuals who require detoxification services, non-medical interventions and referrals.

Admission Qualifications

The person also:

  • Must not have any restraining orders or warrants for arrest.
  • Must not have any appointments within the next 24 hours and up to the next 3 - 5 days. Admission to these services would most likely prevent the person from making that appointment.
  • Must be mobile or able to move without assistance from others.

People who would not be able to be admitted to the detox program include:

  • Any person who is violent, has outstanding warrants, or otherwise needs a secure holding facility, or who has a no-contact restraining order against them.
  • Any person who is under the age of eighteen (18) years.
  • Any person who is the subject of involuntary commitment proceedings or detention without a hearing
  • Any person who requires specialized care not available at the facility.
  • Any person who has a physical or medical condition that is unstable or can only be safely treated in a hospital.
  • Any person who can be safely maintained and effectively treated in a less restrictive or intensive level of care.
  • Any person who does not voluntarily consent to admission or treatment.
  • Any person needing assistance with activities of daily living.
Department Of Behavioral Health Services
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  • At each outreach event, a short training on safe disposal methods, how to recognize where public injection occurs, and safety issues are reviewed with participants who volunteer to assist with needle pickup. Naloxone kits are also available during outreach and information on available syringe exchange services are provided to community members. For more information, contact Mark Clark, Public Health Specialist at mclark@bernco.gov.
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