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Protecting You Protecting Me (PYPM) – Protecting You/Protecting Me® (PY/PM) is an evidence-based prevention curriculum for elementary students in grades one through five (6 to 11 years old). Designed to reduce alcohol-related injury and death in our youth. PY/PM Is proven to change students’ knowledge about their brains and personal development Improves elementary students’ vehicle safety skills: their ability to protect themselves when they have no option but to ride with an adult who is not alcohol-free.

The curriculum addresses eight topics: Our Brain - Growth and Development - Health and Safety - Rules and Laws – Friends Choices and Decisions - Media Awareness - Communication (especially with adults). PY/PM's interactive and affective teaching processes include role-play, small group and classroom discussion, reading, writing, storytelling, surveys, art, and music. All 42 lessons are correlated to educational achievement objectives. Model Program: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse State Wide Replication Program. Endorsed by the National Elementary Principals Association. Endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Your Future (EYF) – Your Future® (EYF) is an evidence-based, non-clinical, positive youth development program that guides youth to build their Emotional and Social Intelligences and the intrinsic motivation to make healthy choices in behavior, friends and their education. Envision Your Future offers programs and workshops using a common methodology developed by Dr. Patty O’Sullivan. The EYF methodology focuses on gaining an understanding and communicating effectively with youth, teachers, parents, educators and youth workers.

EYF promotes and cultivates self-efficacy – the capacity to solve their everyday challenges and to know that they can make a profound difference in the world. Master Classes 8 Master Classes facilitated for your 5th through 8th grades which are implemented over the course of the school year by an EYF certified facilitator from your school or program. The 2day facilitator training is provided on-site at your school or organization. Outcomes: EYF is based on Emotional and Social Intelligences, Metacognition, Motivational Interviewing, Mental Contrasting, and Self-Determination Theory (SDT). Inspires hope for the future - Cultivates Social and Emotional Intelligences - Strengthens critical and innovative thinking - Improves written and verbal skills - Encourages positive behavior and choices.

All Stars Program – All Stars is a school- and community-based intervention that is designed to help middle school students deter and delay the onset of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, inhalant, and other substance use behaviors. The program also addresses prosocial behaviors that help students get along with each other and, at the discretion of the teacher, addresses postponing premature sexual activity.

Core components of All Stars include 1) normative education sessions that focus on promoting positive norms among classmates; 2) idealism sessions that target lifestyle incongruence and promote planning for a positive future that is free of risky behaviors; 3) sessions that encourage students to develop voluntary commitments that are publicly shared; 4) bonding to school through planned positive interactions with the teacher; and 5) parental attentiveness, which is encouraged through take-home assignments that promote positive discussions with parents or other trusted adults.

Teen Programs – Teen Assemblies & Social Marketing - High Schools Direct Service: Safe Teen works with school students and staff to create a customized, in school assembly or series of assembly programs that address the issues and consequences that can have lifelong and even deadly outcomes including: distracted driving, alcohol, drugs, mental health issues, date violence and others. In conjunction with the school, Safe Teen works with a core group of students to create an innovative, high impact experience that allows teens to hear from their peers and fully understand the dangers that exist around these youth related issues. Each school controls the content and delivery of the message.

social marketing project - includes 4 Bernalillo county high schools and approximately 60 students that develop content that includes video stories, written materials, posters, pictures or other media deemed important to attract teenagers to the Social Media sites.

Safe Teen Documentaries Environmental Strategy: As a broad-based outreach, Safe Teen creates a social marketing campaign each year around a youth safety issue. With topics selected in conjunction with our Youth Advisory Board, the campaign usually consists of a television broadcast documentary and statewide town hall meeting, other electronic and print media partnerships, as well as innovative outreach efforts including text messaging and internet components. The programs are designed for parents and teens to watch together or for use in school classrooms and with other youth organizations. An accompanying viewer guide helps open discussion about teen choices and healthy decision making.

The Alcohol Literacy Challenge™ (ALC) – This SAMHSA NREPP curriculum revolutionizes classroom-based prevention by changing alcohol expectancies and reducing the quantity and frequency of alcohol use among UNM incoming Freshmen college students in only 1 classroom session lasting 50-90 minutes. ALC aims to correct erroneous beliefs about the effects of alcohol, decreasing positive and increasing negative expectancies. These shifts in expectancies have been shown to predict lower levels of alcohol use.

Key findings from SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP) Program Review: High School and College students receiving the ALC, compared with students in the control group, had significant decreases in: Average estimated BAC and Average number of drinks consumed in one sitting. During a one-time ALC lesson, students learn about standard drinks, the range of alcohol expectancies, the difference between pharmacological effects and placebo effects, and efforts by alcohol companies to portray positive alcohol expectancies in advertisements. Part of the lesson involves watching video clips of commercials advertising alcohol. Students deconstruct the advertisements, identifying the positive alcohol expectancies conveyed and discussing the contradictions between those expectancies and alcohol's pharmacological and behavioral effects.

BC-Cumulus Radio-UBER Safe Ride Program - Communities such as Bernalillo County and the nation are committed to addressing the multifaceted issues of impaired driving. Although direct services prevention such as education about the risk factors and consequences of driving after drinking and enforcement of driving while impaired (DWI) laws may be the most common strategies employed, some communities are also interested in preventing impaired driving. One such strategy embraced by BC and many communities is that of providing alternative transportation services for individuals who choose not to drive after drinking.

Be Above the Influence Social Health Marketing Campaign – The BE “ABOVE THE INFLUENCE” (BE-ATI) is a Best Practices local Health & Wellness campaign modeled after the national “Above the Influence” campaign from the Office of the National Drug Control Policy, ONDCP, and it is strategically planned, operationalized, implemented, and evaluated by the Bernalillo County DWI Program. The main Goal of the campaign is to reduce underage drinking and associated risk factors.

Additional objectives of this Campaign are to: 1. over time erode deep-rooted misperceptions of individuals and communities that the clear majority of youth drink and engage in many risky behaviors when in fact statistics such as those from the NM DOH-YRRS Survey do not bear this out. 2. we want to advocate to adults and older youth in thinking of themselves as positive role models for our youth. 3. provide multiple educational venues and social media messages that could challenge young people’s thought processes while encouraging their critical thinking skills to stay above the influence of risk factors. 4. by engaging partners from the entire community we can foster long lasting community relationships in order to build capacity and sustainability of all our BC Prevention Programs.

These partners include: Lamar Advertising, National CineMedia, American General Media, KOAT and Johnny Boards.

Be Above the Influence Direct Services School Program – The Be Above the Influence Underage Drinking Prevention Curriculum is a “Best Practices” life skills and positive youth development program aimed at Middle and High School youth. The 90-minute presentation in high and middle schools has the following outline: Introduction to the Be Above the Influence message and meaning - Pre-test given to create baseline knowledge and attitudes - Personal story of alcohol abuse and consequences - Short video on the incredible human brain and how it makes connections and grows - Classroom discussion Q&A - Short video of the world’s most powerful race cars, connecting the brain and the race car performance - Short video on major body organs and their function - Short video, latest research on alcohol and body organs damage - Class exercise with team volunteers (boys and girls) taking on the role of the brain and body organs. Simulation of alcohol effects and organs function in front of class for everyone to see - Introduce the concept of personal decisions tied in with the Be Above the Influence message – introduce concept of doing something different for five weeks that is good for them and others.


Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department and Albuquerque Police Department provides DWI enforcement services to reduce the incidence of DWI and DWI related crashed with visibility of local enforcement through DWI Checkpoints, Saturation Patrols, Underage Alcohol Purchase Stings and Special Saturation Patrols conducted during the International Balloon Fiesta. All DWI arrests made through these activities are reported upon disposition for outcome.

Funding for these services are provided by liquor excise taxes to reduce the incidence of DWI, alcoholism, alcohol abuse and alcohol related domestic violence.

Treatment Component

New Mexico Solutions provides Intensive Out-Patient (IOP) and Out-Patient (OP) substance abuse treatment service to adults referred by the Bernalillo County Department of Substance Abuse Program Assessment Center.

The Assessment Center provides triage and placement services for substance abuse treatment needs for CCP and court ordered participants. It is staffed by licensed counselors. Sixty-five percent of those treated get level-one treatment and the remainder receive non-substance treatment after being referred from the community. Future goals for the assessment center include providing screenings for vocational/educational needs, mental health needs, relational support needs, case management, discharge planning and help with time and financial management.

The Addiction Treatment Program (ATP) provides a four week inpatient jail-based treatment program treating DWI offenders and offenders referred by the Judicial System with addictions to alcohol and/or other drugs. The ATP program utilizes a Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) based treatment modality. Each ATP participant receives a week of structured assessment by a licensed clinical staff member. The week of assessment is followed by three weeks of curriculum designed to provide a solid base core of knowledge and skills that can aid clients in maintaining a substance free existence.

Alternative Sentencing Component

Metropolitan Detention Center provides a Community Custody Program to DWI offenders through security, treatment tracking and compliance.

Youth Services Center provides an 8-week early intervention program to a minimum of 70 screened offenders booked with a DWI, MIP (Minor in Possession) or those referred through the Court process.


Provided by the University of New Mexico Institute for Social Research provides a yearly program evaluation of grant project progress and program impacts.

The Bernalillo County DWI Planning Council serves at an advisory capacity to the Board of County Commission. Each member represents the following categories: Commission Districts 1-5, Community Substance Abuse, Public Schools, Liquor Industry, Public Health, Community Traffic Safety, Native American Community and Behavioral Health.


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