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Below you can find 2015 Legislative priorities position papers.

To see the Legislative Priorities Administrative Resolution (AR-2014-77), please click here. To see position papers for the Legislative Priorities, please click on the underlined items below.

  1. Oppose any legislation that a) proposes any revenue reductions, b) adversely affects funding sources, or c) diminishes the county's regulatory authority, provided however that some revenue and regulatory related proposals that promote economic development and job creation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Introduce legislation to create a forensic aftercare unit to provide community-based clinical, rehabilitative and supervisory services to individuals who are pending competency assessment.
  3. Support legislation to provide funding for mental health and substance abuse programs and services that may include, but not be limited to: triage, stabilization, respite and case management services; supportive housing for individuals with mental illness, addiction or co-occurring disorders; intensive case managements; community engagement teams; and mobile crisis response teams.
  4. Support legislation that will expand Medicaid and non-Medicaid state behavioral health funding coverage and reimbursement for mental health and substance abuse services.
  5. Amend NMSA 1978 34-7-1, Probate Judge Authorized, and/or other appropriate section/s, to include language for judicial requirement to include an active New Mexico bar license in good standing, with a minimum of two years practice experience, for counties with a population of 600,000 or more.
  6. Amend NMSA 1978 34-7-14, Fees of Probate Court Clerks, to increase the docket filing fee from $30 to $50.
  7. Amend the Tax Administration Act to revise the procedure for correcting GRT distributions and transfers to provide counties sufficient time to review, acknowledge and adjust their budgets.
  8. Yield Control Issues:
    1. Amend Section 7-38-34 NMSA 1978 which requires boards of county commissioners to issue and deliver to the county assessor its own order imposing the 2013 Property Tax Rates within five days of its receipt from the State of New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration (DFA), Local Government Division. 
    2. Amend Section 7-37-7 NMSA 1978 Property Tax Language. Request that the legislature appoint a committee of state and local economic and finance professionals tasked to develop a mechanism allowing taxing authorities the ability to decrease or maintain prior year tax rates while maintaining the intent of the property tax law. In addition, the committee must establish a list of financial and economic criteria that must be met by the local government entity and reviewed and approved by DFA prior to approving the local government budget.

  9. Clarify state law concerning the authority of New Mexico counties to establish user fees with utilities.
  10. Introduce memorial that amends the State Procurement Code exemption(s) to include Pay Equity Disclosure and Best Practice
  11. Early childhood development:
    1. Support legislation that increases funding for mental health and substance abuse counseling in public schools.
    2. Support funding for early childhood intervention programs.
  12.  Support funding for early residential substance abuse treatment and supportive aftercare services for children and adolescents in New Mexico.
  13. Support legislation that would provide for limited liability in agritourism activities.
  14. Support legislative funding for HB542 Community Schools Act that provides extended learning opportunities, increases family engagement and support services, and supports school-based or linked health care.
  15.  Introduce legislation to extend the term of the Bernalillo County Criminal Justice Reform Commission created by the legislature in HB 608 in 2013, for a fixed term expiring on July 1, 2015 to a ten-year term, and to remain under the supervision of the New Mexico Supreme Court.
  16. Support legislation to fund the initiatives of the Bernalillo County Criminal Justice Reform Commission by providing funds for the reforms necessary to advance the criminal justice system in Bernalillo County. 

To see position papers for the capital outlay appropriation requests, please click on the underlined items below.

A resolution establishing the legislative capital outlay priorities for Bernalillo County for the fifty-second legislature, first session, of the State of New Mexico.

Community Services Division 

  1. $500,000 in additional funding for the North Valley Little League, Phase II. 
  2. $1,350,000 for Carlito Springs, Phase II rehabilitation, including rehabilitating main house and cabins, construct water/sewer/fire protection systems, parking area, retaining walls, water features and interpretive signage/exhibits, and stabilize outbuildings.
  3.  $500,000 to plan, design and construct a pipeline for re-use of the chiller blow-down water, the Lobo Community Garden, native landscaped areas between fairways, and additional trails and ancillary landscaping for the UNM North Golf Course in Bernalillo County. 
  4. $400,000 to purchase property and to plan, design, construct, demolish, remodel, furnish and equip a new or existing facility for a Fallen Peace Officers Memorial in Bernalillo County.
  5.  $515,000 for Phase 3 and Phase 4 of the Paradise Hills Community Center Master Plan for the purchase plan, design and construction of improvements and additions to the Paradise Hills Community Center and adjacent parks and recreation facilities, including renovations of Paradise Hills Park, new parking for Center use, and new additions to the Community Center Annex, and ancillary site engineering and landscaping.
  6. $500,000 to plan, design, purchase, acquire, construct and equip a food hub and manufacturing facility in the South Valley.

Public Works Division

  1. $2,875,000 for improvements to the Second Street and Rio Bravo intersection, construct additional eastbound through lane and westbound through lane on Rio Bravo and adjust existing infrastructure.
  2. $500,000 for the Sunport Boulevard Extension Project which will extend Sunport Boulevard SE from the interchange at Interstate 25 to Broadway Boulevard SE at the intersection with Woodward Road SE.
  3. $450,000 for Phase I dual school road improvements on 118th Street.
  4. $3,700,000 for construction of the North Valley Utility Project which includes the Sanitary Sewer phase.

Public Safety Division 

  1. $400,000 to purchase, plan, design, remodel, renovate and equip facilities for a transitional living and substance abuse recover center for adolescents and young adults in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County. 
  2. $650,000 to purchase a new squad unit to respond to large emergency events and special emergencies needing specialized equipment for the Bernalillo County Fire and Rescue Department.
  3. $450,000 to renovate, remodel, equip and furnish Fire Station 36. 
  4. $6,000,000 to purchase, plan, design, remodel, renovate and equip a Regional Crisis Stabilization Center for Bernalillo County and surrounding areas with initial start-up costs. A Crisis Stabilization Center and respite services has been identified repeatedly by numerous studies and task forces including HM45 and HJM 17 as a needed service and priority.
2. Support Legislator-sponsored capital outlay legislation that is consistent with the priorities set by the County.
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