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Treasurer Bearce Releases FAQ Web Updates in the Wake of Pandemic Closures


Bernalillo County Treasurer Nancy M. Bearce released FAQ (frequently asked questions) pages on the Treasurer’s website.

Click on the COVID button highlighting how to manage your 2019 property tax payment at https://www.bernco.gov/Treasurer .

The goal of the web page is to help property taxpayers with information and services available as we all get through our state’s health epidemic. The FAQ pages have helpful information for all taxpayers.

Yes, we have many options for taxpayers, without mortgages, to choose paying their 2nd half 2019 property taxes. We have paying online, by mail, by drop box, or drop off at one of the listed credit unions across town! All the details are in my attached FAQs.

In addition, we accept payments…. break up your tax bill into smaller payments if that helps your budget during COVID. Call 505-468-7031 and let us walk through the details of how this works. Yes, payments made after May 10 by law have penalties and late fees, but not as high as you think and definitely not as high as your credit cards or title loans.

First, Treasurer Bearce wants to assure and calm any taxpayer that being late on your current taxes will not be cause for a foreclosure or state auction. Major Banks and credit unions and the State Taxation & Revenue Department have all said they are suspending such actions due to COVID-19. Please rest easy and take that worry off your shoulders.

And did you know…. for Bernalillo County, mortgage companies are responsible for almost 90% of all property tax payments! Monthly mortgage payments usually collect taxes on your behalf. And we want your mortgage company to send in your collected property taxes. In most cases, this payment has been collected and is waiting to be sent to the Treasurer’s Office by the deadline May 10, 2020. If you paid all your mortgage payments last year, you have no worries.

Secondly, by law the second half of taxes are due April 10 have a 30-day grace period before becoming late. May 10 is a Sunday, making May 11, 2020 the last day to pay before the late fees. And yes, we do accept the postmarks on your envelope, if you mail it on May 11 but does not arrive to our office until May 14.

Because our office building is closed to the public and we have only a few essential staff working, we do ask for your patience for longer than normal processing and customer service. We understand taxes are nerve-wracking and you cannot talk face-to-face with someone, but call us at 505-468-7031, Monday through Friday, 8am – 5pm. Or get on your email and send us your question or concern to Treasurers@bernco.gov. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Again, for taxpayers’ information:

IF YOU HAVE A MORTGAGE….. your mortgage company will send us your property taxes as usual and you do not have to do anything but stay safe.

  1. YOU PAY YOUR TAXES…. your property taxes are due by May 11. After May 11, you will have late fees to pay. If you have been impacted by COVID, lost your job or have reduced hours, please consider paying your taxes in smaller payments over the next few months. Penalty and interest are only 1% each of your tax balance and by paying each month, you reduce that balance and the late charges. Call us at 505-468-7031 to schedule payments for April, May, June, July, August and September. We are here to help you get through this difficult time.

Visit the website for the COVID button at https://www.bernco.gov/Treasurer

Learn where your tax dollars go: https://www.bernco.gov/treasurer/where-your-tax-dollars-go.aspx

Visit my Bernalillo County Treasurer Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/BerncoTreasurer/

Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/BernCoTreasurer

“My office is here to assist and help the taxpayers,” says Bernalillo County Treasurer Nancy Bearce.

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