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The New Mexico Department of Health coronavirus hotline number is 1-855-600-3453.

Treasurer's Office COVID-19 Information

The Bernalillo County Treasurer's Office is aware of the growing threat of coronavirus (COVID-19). On this page, you will find helpful links specific to the Treasurer's Office. For county-wide information, please see the county's COVID-19 page. Additionally, we have a Frequently Asked Questions section as well as helpful links to other information and departments. While this is certainly an unprecedented time, we want to do everything we can to serve our constituents. Feel free to follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Hours of Operation

The Treasurer’s Office is currently closed to the public, due to our offices being located at 1 Civic Plaza. We are still working hard for you remotely! In order to contact the office, please email us at treasurers@bernco.gov or leave us a voice mail at (505) 468-7031. We will return your correspondence as soon as we are able to do so.


Social Media

We are on social media! Please follow us there to get up to date information regarding the office operations and other questions as we navigate through these difficult times.

Also feel free to ask us questions via those channels, but keep in mind they are not monitored 24 hours a day.

Press Releases

Helpful Links

Bernalillo County COVID-19 webpage
Bernalillo County Assessor
Bernalillo County Clerk
New Mexico Tax and Revenue Department
New Mexico Department of Health COVID-19 webpage

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will there be a delay in the usual property tax due dates?

A: Unfortunately, the collection dates are written into state laws. The Treasurer has no authority to change state laws, only the New Mexico Legislature can re-write laws. This applies to all NM Counties and verified through the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department and attorneys.

However, the Bernalillo County Treasurer's Office is here to help you, IF you have no mortgage and pay your own property taxes! Please keep in mind that the taxes are not delinquent until after Monday, May 11, 2020. Because the Office takes payments every day, consider breaking up your payment into 2 partial payments (April and May). If you need assistance with your situation beyond that deadline, please reach out by email treasurers@bernco.gov or leave a message on our customer service line, (505) 468-7031. We want to help everyone during these trying times.

Taxpayers can always make payments online at www.bernco.gov/treasurer , or place your payment in our downtown drop box located at 5th and Marquette NW, or by mail. We have a limited staff and reduced work hours, but we are posting payments as they come in.

Q. I’ve lost my job due to COVID-19, and can’t pay my mortgage, can you help me?

A: These are hard times for many taxpayers. We recommend contacting your mortgage provider. Many mortgage companies are offering some relief during this unprecedented environment. Again, you must contact them and ask about their assistance during this COVID-19 emergency.

Q. I pay my own property taxes but my work has closed due to COVID-19? Will you waive my late fees after May 11, 2020?

A: There is currently no provision in state law that allows the County Treasurer's Office to waive late fees. There might be a possible legislative fix, but we are not aware of any change in law at this time.

However, we want to work with you! Please reach out to the Treasurer's Office and we can see if we can find a solution for your situation. In order to minimize the penalty, we recommend paying a little at a time until you can catch up. For right now, your health and the health of your community is most important.

Q. What are your hours of operation?

A: Currently, One Civic Plaza including the Treasurer's Office is closed to the public. At this time, we are not taking appointments. The majority of staff are telecommuting, working virtually for you during the business day, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

To reduce the spread of COVID-19, a few staff are working shorter hours to open the mail and process property tax payments essential to our Office’s function.

These new operations are a direct result of the Governor's call for a State of Emergency due to the COVID-19 virus. We are doing our part to keep our employees, their family and our community safe, as should you! We thank you for your understanding during these difficult times. #StaySafeStayHome

Q. How can we contact you?

A: The best ways to contact us are via email at treasurers@bernco.gov or leave us a message on our Customer Service line, (505) 468-7031.

If you leave a message on our phone line, (505) 468-7031, include your name, property address and a call back phone number. Staff are checking the messages during the day. Do give us a 1-2 business day turnaround to get back to you.

Alternatively, the Treasurer is active on social media! Please reach out to us on the following channels:


Q. How can I find out up to date news from the Treasurer's Office?

A: First, you can check the Bernalillo County website at www.bernco.gov for updates regarding the County. For news specific to the Treasurer's Office, feel free to visit our page at bernco.gov/treasurer regularly. Additionally, we will be posting all information on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Please follow our pages!

Q. I mailed in my payment but the payment is not showing online. Did you receive my payment?

A: As mentioned above, we have a very limited staff working reduced hours to process payments from the mail and online. We are posting payments in a first in, first out manner. Also, we do honor the postmark date on your payment envelope to know when you mailed the payment. We hope to have payments posted quickly, but please give us a week turnaround during this time.

Q. I need information about my bill. Is it available online?

A: Yes! One good thing about our online search property records is that you can find a lot of information online, without contacting us.

You know you can do all of the following online, www.bernco.gov/treasurer/

  • View your Notice of Value
  • View current Ownership Data
  • View your current Property Tax Bill
  • View your tax and payment history (10 years)
  • Pay your property tax

Q. Are you still processing tax releases?

A: We have a very limited staff presence and the final step at the State’s Motor Vehicle Department is closed. However, we may possibly accommodate you if you are moving a mobile home. Of course, with tax releases, the first step is to reach out to the Bernalillo County Assessor's Office. They are working via appointment only.

Q. I need to mail something to the office. What is your address?

A: We are still checking our PO Box daily. You can send it to:

Bernalillo County Treasurer’s Office
PO Box 627
Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87103

Q. I need a refund. Are you still processing those?

A: Yes! You can still request a refund. Please complete the form listed here.​​​​​​​

Send the completed information to treasurers@bernco.gov. Or you can mail it to us at the address above.

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