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BernCo is Recognized by PNM as an “Energy Star” for Energy-Efficient Upgrades to County Facilities


The county has been recognized by PNM as one of its “Energy Stars” at two recent awards presentation ceremonies.

On Wednesday, Oct.11, Bernalillo County, in the Nonprofit/Government Institution category, received an honorable mention award for replacing interior and exterior lighting fixtures, and installing occupancy sensors and daylight sensor controls.  The county’s projects will save 479,734 kilowatt hours of electricity each year, and earned the county over $34 thousand in PNM rebates.

On Thursday, October 6, the Bernalillo County Fire Department received, again in the Nonprofit/Government Institution category, the East Mountain PNM Business Energy Efficiency Stars award for the installation of energy-efficient lighting at two new fire stations: Station 41 in Tijeras and Station 46 in Sandia Park.  The project will save 25,813 kilowatt hours of electricity annually and earned Bernalillo County a PNM Business Energy Efficiency Program rebate of nearly $2 thousand.

Bernalillo County is continually looking for cost effective energy efficiency opportunities within our facilities and we are hopeful that continued upgrades to our systems will result in long term energy use reductions.  In addition to these projects identified, the county has also installed photovoltaic solar panel systems at several facilities.  In addition, the county recently installed direct digital controls at the Steve Schiff building which resulted in 25 percent energy use reduction.  A similar project is underway at the Bernalillo County District Courthouse,” says Mary Murnane, CFM, Bernalillo County Facilities and Fleet Management Director.

“Congratulations go out to all those who had a part in the county receiving these PNM Energy Star awards,” says Bernalillo County Manager Julie Morgas Baca. “Being more energy efficient is good for the county’s bottom line, saves taxpayer dollars and is good for the environment. It is a win all the way around.”      

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