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Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Action Plan

10:12 AM

For the last several years the Federal Highways Administration (FHWA) has recommended communities prepare and adopt Pedestrian and Safety Action Plans.  This is in response to the continuing number of pedestrian crashes both nationally and here in New Mexico, which has one of the highest pedestrian fatality rates.                                                                          

Pedestrian and bicyclist facilities are an integral part of the Bernalillo County transportation system.  They include sidewalks in the more urban areas, soft-pavement trails in the rural areas, bike lanes along major roads, and bike trails and equestrian trails off the road network.  When planning for pedestrian and bicyclist facilities, the primary goal is to ensure safety for all travelers along county roadways, especially children on routes to school and access for disabled persons to transit stops. 

Other goals include:

  •  Provide a choice in transportation to work, school, and shopping for all ages and abilities,
  •  Promote healthy lifestyles and recreational opportunities for all ages and abilities by encouraging residents to exercise daily,
  •  Reduce energy use and improvement air quality.

This study will identify the pedestrian and bicyclist issues in the County and help to prioritize those projects.   

To submit a comment or suggestion via email, please contact Richard Meadows, Project Manager, at

Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Action Plan (July 2012 - Final)

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