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Health And Public Safety

County’s Emergency Preparedness Office Receives $612,800 Federal Grant


The New Mexico Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management under the Federal Department of Homeland Security awarded Bernalillo County the amount of $612,800 for the purchase of equipment and training for its emergency response and special teams.

“Bernalillo County is committed to the preparedness and readiness in its emergency responses for our community,” states Bernalillo County’s Emergency Manager Richard Clark. “This funding will help to provide essential equipment and state-of-the-art training for our public safety personnel.”

The emergency response and special teams will receive realistic scenario training to better prepare, prevent and respond to all-hazards events in Bernalillo County.

The equipment and needs that will be purchased and their amounts are:

  • Multi-band radio - $20,000
  • Equipment installation - $1,000
  • Mandatory maintenance and inspection of Sheriff’s Department helicopter - $500,000
  • Tactical robot - $60,000
  • Mobile pole camera with infrared capabilities - $9,000
  • Training exercise program including the planning - $22,800

“This grant funding will offset the mandatory inspection expense of the county’s helicopter that otherwise would have come from the Sheriff Department’s budget,” says Sheriff Manuel Gonzales III. “Grant funding is extremely competitive, this allocation is well-deserved and will be put to good use.”

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