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Bernalillo County

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“Celebrate West Central Route 66 Street Light Banner Project” Pop-Up Art Exhibit

7:57 AM
Bianca Encinias, (505) 400-3635; Nancy Montano, (505) 681-3552, arteescondidowestcentral@gmail.com

Bernalillo County - The West Central Community Development Group (WCCDG) invites community members to attend the “Celebrate West Central Route 66 Street Light Banner Project” Pop-Up Art Exhibit featuring the work of 15 local artists whose artwork will be featured on street light banners along West Central. The following artists featured Jeanette Baca, Tony Barros, Roberta Begaye, Lindsay Brenner, Ginnie Brown, James Calvert, Adan Carriaga, Kate Coucke, Cassidy Gallegos, Joe Stacey, Anthony Temer, Diego Trujillo, Ray Trujillo, Jasmine Vigil, and Sean Wells y Delgado.

Join us on June 28 at 6 p.m. to meet the artists and celebrate Rt. 66 with music, poetry, food trucks, and a car show.

The West Central Community Development Group is working with City Councilor Klarissa Peña and the City of Albuquerque Cultural Affairs Department, with additional support from Bernalillo County Commissioner Steven Michael Quezada, City Councilor Cynthia Borrego, City Councilor Ken Sanchez, and Mayor Tim Keller, to provide opportunities for local artists and to nurture arts and culture along West Central.

The “Celebrate West Central Route 66” Street Light Banner Project highlights cultural and historic traditions of the Southwest area of Albuquerque. For Albuquerque residents especially, those west of the river, West Central was the only way to cross back and forth across the Rio Grande. It was a place for young and old to cruise, to meet new and old friends at popular drive-ins along the route, shop, socialize, and to show off vintage cars and low-riders. Named the Mother Road, Route 66 is far more than just a sign on the side of the road; it‘s a passage into the community’s culture, traditions, and history.

So, take a cruise with us, open your mind, and show us your vision of West Central “Route 66”: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

                                                                                                                # # #

About Bernalillo County

Bernalillo County is 1,160 square miles and is New Mexico’s most populous county with more than 676,000 residents. Bernalillo County government provides a wide range of public services to residents who live in Albuquerque, Los Ranchos and Tijeras and the 111,000 residents who live outside the village and city limits in the unincorporated areas of the county. Bernalillo County employs approximately 2,500 people and has an annual operating budget and capital investments of more than $630 million. Elected officials include five county commissioners, assessor, clerk, probate judge, sheriff, and treasurer.

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