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To provide leadership and guidance in the operations of the Community Services Division to support planning and services for a strong and healthy community while promoting economic development.

  • The Community Services Division oversees: Office of Community Engagement and Outreach, Housing, Office of Senior and Social Services, ABC Community Schools Partnership, Planning and Development Services, Communication Services and Parks, Recreation and Open Space
  • Serves as liaison to the elected offices of the County Clerk and Court of Wills, Estate and Probate
  • The staff of the Community Services Division is proud to contribute to the promotion of a first-rate quality of life for Bernalillo County residents and visitors by providing a broad range of exceptional life experiences through access to safe and affordable housing, social and health promotion services, educational, cultural and recreational programs, scenic lands and parks, and thoughtful land-use planning and development
  • Departments within this division fulfill the county’s strategic plan goals of community services; creating healthy and active community with access to cultural amenities, and economic vitality; thriving, livable community with diverse economic opportunities