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Engage the public, elected officials, management and County employees in transparent and accountable strategic planning, performance management, and data analytics to ensure efficient, effective and innovative services that meet the needs of the community.

  • Communicate the County’s goals to the public and ensure all departments and elected officials’ performance measures, objectives, services and missions support the comprehensive strategic plan
  • Provide organizational performance management and data analytics, which aligns resources to the County's Strategic Plan, maximizing performance for a positive impact on citizens
  • Guide and assist departments with developing and monitoring performance measures, objectives, while ensuring the focus is on measuring what matters
  • Provide the information and assistance needed for County leaders to continuously improve the organization, compare performance over time, review trend analysis, evaluate results
  • Enable the public and decision makers with data and analytics through the use of transparent, easy to use operational and financial dashboards, reports, and webpages
  • Research and provide guidance on industry leading practices, seek opportunities to introduce new ideas to the organization, and assist in continuous improvement initiatives through collaboration with county departments and peer organizations

ID Objective Status Accomplished Date


The Matrix is used during the Build Foundation and Developing Framework phases of the performance reporting process. While developing the Matrix the mission, services, projects, and performance measures are reviewed, updated, and/or established for the upcoming cycle. The Meeting Agenda and Industry Research are used during the Analyze & Review phase of the performance reporting process. The Meeting Agenda tracks questions and follow up items addressed during the DCM Performance Meetings, while the Industry Research is reviewed for industry trends and benchmarking opportunities.   


Follow the arrows below to see which Strategic Plan Goal(s) this department supports.


O164: Enhance transparency, accountability and operational efficiencies

Status: On Target
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P98: Conduct performance meetings with departments

Status: On Target
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P254: Publish and update performance measures and objectives on transparency webpages and dashboards

Status: On Target
rgb(34, 132, 197)

P293: Build social media presence

Status: On Target
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