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BernCo Employees of the Quarter for 3rd Quarter FY 2019 Honored


The Employee Recognition Committee presents seven employees to the Board of Commissioners to receive the recognition of Employee of the Quarter. Each person selected received the highest ranking in their division. The recognition committee ranked each nomination form submitted and selected the employee from each division with the highest average. The Board of County Commissioners recognize and appreciate the hard work and dedication of seven employees who have shown exemplary dedication to Bernalillo County.



Division 1 (County Manager) – Marc Chavez

Marc joined the County in October 2015 as the Executive Officer for the County Manager’s Office and is now serving in the capacity as Administrative Advisor. He provides advisory support to the County Manager and manages the operations of the County Manager’s Division. He genuinely cares about people, handling every inquiry, request or comment with care, compassion, sensitivity or confidentiality in accordance with each situation with which he is confronted. His duties extend beyond a 40-hour work week, yet he never ceases to project an image of pride and professionalism for the entire county.

When not at work he volunteers in many capacities for varied organizations holding board positions such as incoming Chair for United Way of Central New Mexico’s Hispano Philanthropic Society, Executive Leadership Team member for the American Heart Association, Co-Chair for Mothers Against Drunk Driving Honoring Heroes, and VIP Coordinator for Hispanic Cultural Center Foundation Maravilla Ball, just to name a few. Somehow he also makes time to pursue his higher education in Business Administration.







Division 2 (Community Services) – Monique Gonzales

Monique began her career with the County 25 years ago as a Clerical Specialist in the Recording & Filing Section of the Clerk’s Office, where she continued to grow professionally. In 2012, she promoted into her current position as the Bureau of Elections Coordinator where she manages three of the many projects associated with the elections: Early Voting, Poll Site Coordination, and Native American Voting Rights. She was instrumental in the set up and ADA certification of the Mobile Voting Unit. She worked closely with the State and disability groups to ensure that the unit would accommodate every voter. She is passionate about the work that she does and enjoys the fast paced environment and the amazing team with which she works.

When not at work, she enjoys spending time with family and traveling.









Division 3 (Finance) – Dana Sanchez

Dana joined the County Treasurer’s Office three and a half years ago as an Administrative Officer III, with many duties to include providing support to the Deputy Treasurer. She later joined the Budget Office where she has been for the last one and a half years as the Budget Analyst for Public Works. She has strong leadership abilities, looks for methods to improve efficiencies, and is extremely self-motivated. Recently she created a template for her team to follow which proved to be a great help in the preparation of a major presentation to management. She loves the fast-paced, challenging and dynamic nature of the Budget Office.

Dana is married with two children, and takes an active role in their extracurricular activities. Just this past year she coached her daughter’s cheerleading team, which placed first place in its division at the YAFL cheerleading competition.










Division 4 (Public Safety) – George Asi

George began his career with the County Fire & Rescue Department as a paramedic in 2003, and has since promoted to Lieutenant in the Logistics Division where he has been for five years. Besides coordinating the day-to-day logistical needs of the department, he also works on several special projects to include creating specifications for large apparatus (such as the Ladder Trucks, Engines, Brush Trucks and Rescues), Personal Protective Gear, and other equipment of the trade. He has been a strong advocate for safety, and was the initiator and lead for the recently implemented clean cab project which is intended to prevent firefighter exposure to carcinogens.

Outside of work he enjoys hiking, camping and hunting with his son, daughter and wife. And whenever possible, he enjoys getting away with his wife on motorcycle rides.







Division 5 (Public Works) – Dorene Garcia

Dorene joined the County’s Public Works Division in 2017 as an Administrative Assistant Senior, where she has the arduous responsibility of timekeeping for the Division. Between heavy snow events this winter and learning a new collective bargaining union contract which authorizes on-call and overtime pay for certain employees, she faced challenges in tracking and accurately accounting for the many hours of overtime for some staff, and administrative leave for others. She also navigated through a complicated case involving an injured employee, ensuring that the various applicable types of leave were accurately applied. But this is exactly what she enjoys most about her job: problem solving and assisting employees in addressing whatever timekeeping issues they may have.

A native Californian, she and husband Ed relocated to New Mexico two years ago to retire in the land of blue skies, sunsets, four seasons and food! When not at work she enjoys reading, hiking, and traveling.








Division 6 (General Services) – Cynthia “Cindy” Baca

Cindy started with the County at the Public Works Division nearly three years ago, and is now an Accounting Assistant II in the Accounts Payable Section of the Procurement and Business Services Department. Among a range of other duties, she enjoys the import task of ensuring that the County’s vendors get paid. She is a team player and continues to accept additional tasks with a smile and positive demeanor. She truly enjoys how busy she is, and how there is something new to learn each and every day. She also appreciates the continued support she receives from her supervisor. Although considers her time with Bernalillo County to be a second career, after retiring with 22 years in the private sector, she has enjoyed her time with the County the most.

When not at work, she owns and operates a small business with her husband of 38 years. She also enjoys gardening, redecorating her house each season, and spending time with her three children, and her granddaughter.





Division 7 (MDC) – Elaine Piaso

Elaine is a Corrections Technician at the county’s Metropolitan Detention Center, but she actually started her career back in 1997 at the old BCDC facility when it was located downtown and was operated by the City. She works in the Records, Booking, Visiting and Property areas. She is fondly referred to as “The General” due to her firm and self-assertive demeanor and ability to quickly identify what is needed by various staff and moves efficiently to provide key information, recommendations and direction. Her 21 years with the jail is evidence of the love she has for her job, but still she looks forward to retirement, which is not too far way!

Prior to joining the jail, she served eight years in the US Army. She is an independent and strong Native American woman who loves her family, which includes three children and seven grandchildren. She also enjoys watching boxing and football and is a big Dallas Cowboys fan.

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