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Commissioners Recognize ABC Community School Partnership Leader Jose Muñoz


The Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners recognized Jose Muñoz, executive director of ABC Community School Partnership, for the inspiring energy and vision he has brought to young people and families in our community.

In March 2012, after leading youth development programs around the United States and years of distinguished service at the Bernalillo County Youth Services Center, José Muñoz was selected as Executive Director by unanimous vote of the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Community School Partnership Board.

Under Mr. Muñoz’s leadership, the ABC Community School Partnership has expanded its impact in Bernalillo County, growing from 4 schools to over 50 schools - bringing students and their families the resources they need to succeed in school and in life. During his service as Executive Director, Mr. Muñoz has displayed exceptional leadership by building community support, working with Albuquerque Public Schools administration, principals, educators, and staff. Mr. Muñoz established priorities, aligned resources and collaborated with partners across multiple public and private institutions, increasing financial support by 300 percent.

In addition to the Partnership’s core programs, Mr. Muñoz was instrumental in reshaping the Elementary Middle School Initiative into the more comprehensive Community School Initiative, by creating and administering a data-driven RFP process that distributes $1.2 million annually to local schools using community school principles.

Mr. Muñoz has been a visionary champion for education, winning the first ever 2014 National Community Schools Leadership Award and organizing the 2016 Community School National Forum in Bernalillo County, bringing nearly 1800 conference participants to our beautiful county to learn about the innovative work taking place in our community.

Mr. Muñoz has shown exceptional foresight in supporting innovative ideas, such as the nationally-recognized Homework Diner that started at Manzano Mesa Elementary School and has now been replicated in 14 APS schools and 15 states.

Mr. Muñoz has been a tireless advocate for better policies supporting our youth outside the classroom, leading efforts for the passage of the Community School Resolution, adopted by the Albuquerque Teachers Federation, as well as the Community School Act passed by the State of New Mexico, and the Community School Policy in APS.

Mr. Muñoz will soon bring incredible talent to the Institute for Educational Leadership’s Coalition for Community Schools in Washington, D.C., where he will continue this crucial work at the national level.

The Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners expresses its deepest gratitude to José Muñoz and sincerely wishes him great success in his new role.

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