County Clerk

Voter data is provided for governmental and election campaign purposes only per NMSA § 1-4-5.5. All other use is strictly prohibited, with penalties for misuse.

Business Partner Accounts – Obtain electronic absentee and/or early voting data for the current election.

Other data requests – Obtain current electronic voter data, to include historical voter turnout.

Please contact the Bureau of Elections at (505) 468-1291 if you are interested in requesting data today.

Bureau of Elections Product Price List

Product Type

Base Unit Cost

Additional Pricing Information

 Certified Copy of Voter Certificate  $1.50 each  
 Photocopies  $1 for first page  25¢ per additional page 
 County Candidate Filing Fee  $50  or a Pauper's Statement
 Electronic Voter Data Fee  $4 per 1,000 records  .004¢ x amount of records


 Black & White Map, 36" x 41"  $7 each
 Black & White Map, 8.5" x 11"  $1 each
 Color Map, 36" x 41"  $15 each
 Color Map, 8.5" x 11"  $2 each
 Map Book  $22 each


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