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A: The Clerk's Office is currently closed to the public due to the coronavirus pandemic. Please call 505-468-1290. [Go to the local County Clerk's Office located on the 6th Floor at 1 Civic Plaza N.W. (at 5th and Marquette) - Albuquerque... Read More

A: Whenever an individual wishes to assess property into his or her name, the Assessor requires a legal instrument proving ownership. If the document has been recorded with the County Clerk (Recording and Filing Dept.), the property owner can obtain ... Read More

A: The Recording fee is $25.00 for each document filed or recorded by the County Clerk.  If a document being filed or recorded contains more than ten entries to be indexed, the County Clerk shall charge an additional $25 for each additional bloc... Read More

A: The County Clerk’s Office (Recording and Filing Dept.) requires the original document, which must be signed by all pertinent parties and notarized. The original document is returned to you after being scanned, recorded, and indexed. If the o... Read More

A: Copies of recorded documents are available for purchase. The copy fee for those certified as being true and correct copies from the County Clerk’s Office are $1.00 per page and $2.00 certification fee per document. Uncertified copies ar... Read More

A: Effective July 1, 2001, UCC Filings are to be filed in Santa Fe, N.M. at the Secretary of State's office. For information call 505-827-3600.

A: The County Clerk’s staff in the Recording and Filing Dept. will not process detailed real estate searches. Contact a Title Co. for assistance. However, information on real estate transactions, mortgages, or liens can be provided through... Read More

A: No. The County Clerk’s real estate records in the Recording and Filing Dept. are indexed by real estate transaction numbers or by  grantors and grantees (sellers and buyers) with the date of the transaction.  Historic microfiche re... Read More

A: No. The Customer Service Department can assist you with questions regarding real estate and public records. Please note that Clerk's Office Records Technicians are not licensed or bonded to do a title search to check for all possible... Read More

A: Yes. Copies of recorded maps are filed and indexed by subdivision and are available for viewing. Copies may be purchased for $1 and $10, per page depending on the size.

A: Even after the debt has been paid, a record of the lien will remain. A Release of the lien must be filed by the person or company who first filed the lien, stating that the lien has been paid or satisfied.

A: The Clerk’s staff in the Recording and Filing Dept. can provide information on the total amount of the lien and the lien holder’s name. Any additional information should be obtained from the lien holder.  Some Liens will be m... Read More

A: Usually, you provide the death certificate to the County Assessor’s Office to change the assessment records. However, if the property is not held in joint tenancy, processing the estate in Probate Court may be required. You should obtai... Read More

A: Call the County Clerk's Customer Service department at 505-468-1238 or 505-468-1239. The Clerk's Office is currently closed to the public due to the coronavirus pandemic.[or visit the County Clerk's office located on the 6th ... Read More

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