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Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department


400 Roma NW

Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102

(505) 468-7111

Hours: Monday - Friday from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm closed on County Holidays.


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"The Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department Crime Analysis Unit serves as an analytical resource to prevent and deter crime and assist in the apprehension of criminals for the safety of our community."

Crime Analysis Unit

The Crime Analysis Unit carefully reviews and analyzes all information, including crime reports, calls for service, arrest reports and other pertinent information. In addition, the Crime Analysis Unit seeks to identify crime patterns, hot spots, and trends and also provides deputies and investigative officers with information necessary to identify criminal offenders.

Crime Analysis is defined as…

A set of systematic, analytical processes directed at providing timely and pertinent information relative to crime patterns and trend correlations to assist the operational and administrative personnel in planning the deployment of resources for the prevention and suppression of criminal activities, aiding the investigative process, and increasing apprehensions and the clearance of cases. Within this context, Crime Analysis supports a number of department functions including patrol deployment, special operations, and tactical units, investigations, planning and research, crime prevention, and administrative services (budgeting and program planning). --Steven Gottlieb et al., 1994, "Crime Analysis: From First Report To Final Arrest."

 Types of Crime Analysis

• Tactical crime analysis: An analytical process that provides information used to assist operations personnel (patrol and    investigative officers) in identifying specific and immediate crime trends, patterns, series, sprees, and hotspots,    providing investigative leads, and clearing cases. Analysis includes associating criminal activity by method of the crime,    time, date, location, suspect, vehicle, and other types of information.

• Strategic: Concerned with long-range problems and projections of long-term increases or decreases in crime (crime    trends). Strategic analysis also includes the preparation of crime statistical summaries, resource acquisition, and    allocation studies.

• Administrative: Focuses on provision of economic, geographic, or social information to administration.

Crime Analysis Personnel

The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department’s Crime Analysis Unit is comprised of two full-time crime analysts, Iris Sandoval and Rita Abeyta. The Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department's Crime Analysis Unit performs all three types of Crime Analysis: Tactical, Strategic, and Administrative.

Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department Jurisdictional Coverage

The Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department service area consists of the unincorporated Bernalillo County areas. The Albuquerque Police Department separately services the Albuquerque metropolitan area. The exceptions are civil matters (evictions, restraining orders, subpoenas, etc.), within the metropolitan area, which are also handled by Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department. The map below reflects the Jurisdictional coverage.

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