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Q: What other dates are pertinent regarding my property valuation?

A: January 1: Property is assessed to the owner of record and in accordance with its condition as of that date. For example: if the property is vacant on January 1, it will be assessed as vacant land even if a building is constructed on that property some time during the tax year after January 1.

Last day in February:

  • Application for agricultural valuation,
  • Application for Church, charitable, educational exemption,
  • Report of personal property/business equipment,
  • Application for Head of Family exemption,
  • Application for Veterans's exemption,
  • Report of Manufactured Home,
  • Report of Livestock,
  • Report improvements that cost more than $10,000 and/or statement of decrease in value. 

June 15:  The County Assessor certifies the full valuation of property in Bernalillo County to the State Property Tax Division. 

September:  The New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration sets the tax rates for the year's property taxes, county by county.

Oct. 1: Deadline for the county Assessor to deliver tax schedule and abstract of tax schedule to the county Treasurer. After Oct. 1, the Assessor has only limited authority to request changes to the tax schedule.

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