After passing the written exam, each applicant must pass each of three individual physical ability phases to continue in the process.  

  • Phase I – Pack Test: You will have to perform and pass the National Wildfire Coordinating Group arduous pack test, with a maximum completion time of 45 minutes and 45 seconds. 
  • Phase II – Combat Challenge: Once Phase I is completed, the applicant will perform the combat challenge with a maximum completion time of 6 minutes and 30 seconds, uninterrupted time. (The training division provides two practice days for the combat challenge during the hiring process)
  • Phase III – Aerial Ladder Climb: Once phase II is completed and passed by the applicant they must continue onto the Aerial Ladder climb.

​Interview Process

BCFD Fire Training

All qualified applicants that pass all phases of physical testing will be scheduled for an interview with an interview panel.

Background Process

If selected, the applicant must pass an extensive law enforcement background check conducted by the department.

Firefighter Medical Evaluation Process

If selected, and the applicant passes the law enforcement background check, the applicant must pass the department Firefighter Medical Evaluation (drug, hearing, vision, cardiac, physical fitness, lung volume screening).

If offered the position, the applicant must accept the position and will be given a start date of the next cadet academy.


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