Parents - Never Let Your Children Play Alone Around Water


It's monsoon season, and the Bernalillo County Fire Department would like to remind parents to never let their children play alone around water. 

Here are a few tips from the department: 


  1. Always supervise your children in and around water. Designate at least one adult to watch at all times.
  2. Never swim alone. Swimming is safer and more fun with a buddy.
  3. Don’t swim in water that you can’t see through. Obstacles like rocks and tree branches may be hiding under the surface!
  4. Don’t depend on floating toys to keep you safe. Inner tubes, water wings and other inflatables are not safe substitutes for life jackets.
  5. Children and non-swimmers should always wear life jackets in open water. Life jackets only work if you wear them!
  6. Swim only in designated swim areas. Signs are posted for a reason, there may be hidden dangers in non-designated areas.
  7. Avoid alcohol use. Don’t drink and swim. Alcohol impairs one’s judgment.
  8. Swim in monitored areas. Lifeguards prevent many potential water related accidents.
  9. Watch your head. Head and spinal injuries occur most often in shallow water. Stay safe: avoid diving into shallow or murky water.
  10. Teach children how to swim. Learning to swim is not only fun, but is a lifesaving skill.
  11. Ditches and arroyos can be deadly. They can be dry and in a few seconds be fill with rush water. Don’t play in them.
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